Primitive Art is a swedish recordlabel which started in 1993. This label is not meant to be trendy or commercial. We want to release music that's not limited to a special style or genre as long as it's cool and with originality.

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Primitive Art News!

There will be a re-release of The Coffinshakers - Dark Wings Over Finland MCD which was previously released by finnish label Solardisk 2001. The CD contains following great tracks: Dracula Has Risen From the Grave / Black Sunday / Until the End / Pale Man in Black / Halloween (Remix) / The Coffinshaker / Everything I Touch Turns to Tears / Bad Dreams, Baby. This release will be available from Primitive Art late july / august.

For all new fans who are in need to complete their Coffinshakers collection we still have :

  • The Coffinshakers - We Are The Undead CD
  • The Coffinshakers - Return of the Vampire 7"
  • Rob Coffinshaker - Live at the Cemetery 7"
  • Rob Coffinshaker - Fairytales from the Dungeon 7"
Don't miss The Coffinshakers live this summer:
  • July 21st - Country festival, Metz, France
  • July 27th - Qstock, Oulu, Finland
A new album with The Coffinshakers has been released May 31st by finnish label Cobra Records which of course will be celebrated with an exclusive releaseparty held at Koriander in Karlstad, Sweden June 15th. This thrilling event is thrown in collaboration with Metal Club. Frontman Rob Coffinshaker whoÕs done several much-appreciated sologigs, arise already at 21.30 for a acoustic warm-up gig. When The Coffinshakers enters the stage at midnight they will offer a very exclusive performance in company of special guests.

Good news! Nifelheim will support on all Scandinavian Venom dates. They are right now in the Ace Tone studio finishing the recording of the new album, long awaited since "Sevants of Darkness".

Root live in Uddevalla, Sweden 29th of September.

Tickets available through Bulldog Records

Nifelheim live in Uddevalla, Sweden
with special guest Vornth are now booked to play on the opening for Bulldog Rock Club on the 24th of February 2007!

Tickets for swedish bangers will be available through Bulldog Records record store and international headbangers can get in touch for more info through mail
phone +46 52239806 or +46 762394208

Tickets : 150 SEK (Note: Age limit 18 years old.)

New single in stock Nifelheim / Volcano - split 7"

The 7" is limited to 900 copies on black vinyl, suitably baptized Thunder Metal, features two new tracks from each horde; brazilian black metal legends, Volcano presents their most evil sounding and ripping stuff since "Bloody Vengeance" while Nifelheim's contributions pisses over all lame attempts at entering the black throne that's been made in their six year of relative absence. The new songs includes some of the best riffs since "Don't Break the Oath". We still have copies left from the Nifelheim/Sadistik Exekution 7".

We have got some new CD's in stock from Iron Pegasus such as Sabbat, Poison, Messiah, Mortem, Pentacle, Massacre and Flame.

New singles in stock, The Rockets and My Sweet Medicine. Mailorder section has been updated.

You can watch some Witchcraft videos here:

New stuff in stock! Nifelheim/Sadistik Exekution - Tribute to Slayer Magazine 7".

Nifelheim - Gates of Damnation
Sadistik Exekution - Proxima Centauri / Demon with Wings

Finally something new from Nifelheim!! One new track of hellish Iron Maiden meets Torr meets Treblinka meets Black Metal!! Sadistik Exekution contributes two tracks from their Demon With Wings MCD. Comes in nice gatefold jacket with poster and heavy vinyl. Available for 60 SEK + postage

Other new stuff in stock is Ares Kingdom - Return to Dust CD, Devil Lee Rot - Metalizer CD and Sabbat - 20th Anniversary Live CD. Check out the mailorder section for info.

Gehennah live at Elveblest july 22nd in Norway. For more information go here Elveblest.

You can also watch Gehennah video where they perform the GG Alllin cover 'Drink, fight and fuck'.

Gehennah will play live at the Sweden Rock Festival 8 - 10th june. They will play on friday.

Mailorder section has been updated.

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